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Classic Porsche Leather Interior Restoration


Being a member of The Independent Porsche Enthusiast Club I'm privileged to be frequently requested to carry out interior work on other members cars, encompassing the full spectrum of Porsche models. Often it will be to repairs a bolster, or a steering wheel, or to deep clean and protect an interior; but in this instance I was asked to take a look at the restoration of the whole interior. The car in question is a 1986 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera. The whole car was being put through an extensive restoration and the owner wanted to make sure the interior was up to scratch when the car all got put back together. Overall, the leather was in pretty good physical condition but there were numerous wear marks, scuffs, and uneven fading of the original colouring. It was decided that the best course of action was to carry out all the minor repairs, then re-colour the entire interior, thus keeping the original interior intact and looking original but with a fresh and consistent colouring. 

19886 Porsche Leather Interior boarder.j

Porsche 911 Leather Drivers Seat Repairs

Much the same as the dashboard above, the edge of this part of the seat suffered from being scrapped past by rings on the owners fingers when the seat was being adjusted. The damaged areas were sealed and strengthened with a leather binder solution prior to the whole seat being completely re-coloured and fresh protective lacquer applied. 

Drivers seat scuff B&F.jpg

Porsche 911 Leather Trim Pieces 

As was stated in the introduction this was a complete interior restoration, if it was wrapped in leather, no matter how small, it received attention and new colourant and lacquer finish. This ensured that when reassembled the whole interior would be back to a consistent colour throughout. Back in the 1980's if it was optioned and a leather interior, then is was a complete leather interior - this interior everything was wrapped in leather! hot a sniff of vinyl or any other manmade product. 

Porsche interior trim refinishing.jpg

Porsche 911 Leather Dashboard Restoration 

In the 1980s 911 interiors the steering wheel sits pretty close to the dashboard. As you can see in the pictures below this can lead to  a lot of scuff marks above the instrument binnacle often caused buy rings on the drivers fingers. In this instance it was mostly surface damage to the colourant and lacquer, with just a few deeper scratches. All the damage to the leather was repaired and a fresh colour and lacquer finish applied to the whole dashboard. 

Dashboard Repair B&F.jpg

Porsche 911 Leather Front Seats Re-coloured

The Porsche 911 front seats were in pretty good physical condition, with just some surface wear and tear marks and a few depressions from being in storage. The surface of the leather was stripped back on both seats, the minors repairs and filler work carried out, the both seats received a complete recolour and new lacquer finish. 

Passenger Seat finished .jpg

Porsche Door Handle Plastic Colouring 

Not only can the Leather Buff repair and refresh your interior leather, we can do the same for your interior plastics as well (for any colour not just black). As you can see these interior door handles were sun faded and discoloured; and are now permanently restored to a satin black. 

Interior Door Handles 911.jpg

If you have further Questions; would like an estimate; or would like to make a booking please get in touch. 

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