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Leather Sofa Repair - Falkirk

Leather Sofa Cleaning

Leather Sofa Deep Clean & Protection 

We will deep clean all leather and vinyl, carry out stain removal when appropriate; then apply a protection treatment to keep your leather supple and provide protection against spillage and stains. 

From £60 (armchair)

Leather Sofa Surface Restoration

Pigmented Leather Sofa Colour

This is when the pigment layer has been worn away through general wear and tear and has started to expose the fibres of the leather. We will repair any damage to the leather surface then restore the colour to your leather.  

From £100
(small panel)

Analine Chair B&F 4.jpg

Aniline Leather Sofa Rejuvenation 

We can restore the colour and life to dry, faded, and sun-bleached aniline leathers. 

From £160 (armchair)

Leather Colour Restoration and Change

Pigmented Leather  Sofa Colour Changes

We can restore the colour to faded, worn and/or stained leather. And should you desire it we can even completely change  the colour of your leather. 


Leather Chair Cushion Repair

Pigmented Leather Sofa Repairs

We can repair holes; cracking; splits & cuts to your leather sofa or chair using various techniques and products. Once the damage has been repaired we will then colour match and refinish the leather. 

From £140
(small panel)

Re-stitching split seams .jpg

Leather Sofa Split Seam Repair

We can re-stitch split seams where the thread has failed. If the leather has failed at the seam more extensive repairs may be required.

From £65

If you have further Questions; would like an estimate; or would like to make a booking please get in touch. 

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