ARTICLES | Leather Care and Repair

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy & Update

This page describes our policy for carrying out our work in line with government guidelines regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

How to clean your leather car interior

Detailed step by step guide for how to clean your leather car interior like a professional. Also covers 'why ' it is important to keep your leather car interior clean and protected. 

Case Study - Car Interior Restoration

A more in depth look at the restoration of a BMW E30 Convertible leather interior. We take a closer look at several different types of leather repairs as well as the refinishing of all the leather in the cars interior. 

Case Study - Vintage Leather Sports Jacket Restoration

A detailed look at the restoration of a piece of local sporting history and heirloom, a vintage leather sports jacket from the 1948-49 Falkirk Cubs Ice-Hockey team. 

Leather Type & Finish Identification Chart

This flow chart shows the process we use to identify the different types of leather and leather finish typically found on furniture and in car interiors.