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Leather Car Interior Repairs - Falkirk

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Leather Car Interior Deep Clean & Protection 

Professional leather cleaning and protection treatment. Includes seats, door-cards, centre console, dashboard & steering wheel. 
We will deep clean all leather and vinyl, carry out stain removal when appropriate; then apply a protection treatment to keep your leather supple and provide protection against spillage and stains. 

From £125 

Leather Colour Finishing Car Seat

Leather Finishing and Colour Changes

We can restore the colour to faded, worn and/or stained leather, and should you desire it we can even completely change  the colour of your leather. 


Leather Car Seat Bolster Repair

Leather Car Seat Damage

We can repair holes; cracking; splits & cuts to your leather car seat using various techniques and products. Once the damage has been repaired we will then colour match and refinish the leather. 

From £100 per panel

Car Interior Plastics Colour Restoration

Car Interior Plastics
Colour Restoration

Interior plastics sun damaged or faded?With our flexible paint system we can apply a tough painted surface to your interior plastics. 


Leathe Steering Wheel Refurb

Leather Steering Wheel Refurbishments

Is your steering wheel getting worn and tatty? We can refurbish it for you. We will de-grease the steering wheel, carry out minor repairs, apply new colour and finisher. 

From £100

Restred BMW E30 Interior

Modern Classic Car Interior Restoration

Want a more detailed look at what we can do for your vehicle? why not check out our case study, just click on the photo to see how we transformed the interior of a BMW E30 Convertible. 

Case Study

If you have further Questions; would like an estimate; or would like to make a booking please get in touch. 

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