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ABOUT | The Leather Buff - Falkirk

About The Leather Buff

The Leather Buff is owned and operated by Sean Garswood, a professionally trained leather repair technician. 

Sean's enthusiasm for leather care & repair stems from his love of modern classic, classic, and sports cars. Having owned and personally restored several, and bought and sold several more Sean noticed a common theme - the interiors were often overlooked and under maintained (in comparison to the rest of the vehicle). Sean realised this was an area he could add value to and make his cars stand out. Being hands on, over the years Sean learnt how to repair, treat, and refurbish leather and vinyl.  Fellow car club members frequently complimented the quality of his work and soon began requesting Sean to undertake interior repair work for them - and so "The Leather Buff" came into being in Aug of 2018.


Before starting the business officially Sean furthered his skills and knowledge with professional training from Furniture Clinic one of the UK's leading Leather Care & Repair Specialists and Product Suppliers. 

Our Values

Integrity! Integrity! Integrity! 

  • Integrity - Our reputation is our biggest business asset. Behaving with the highest levels of integrity is core to building and maintaining our reputation. 

  • Integrity - We always strive for the highest levels of workmanship. Fundemental to this is our ongoing commitment to developing our knowledge, skills, processes, and techniques. 

  • Integrity - Professionalism in all our dealings with our customers, and our handling of their property. If it's important to our customer it's important to us.  

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